Job Costing Software

FACTS job costing software is designed specifically for tracking costs against a project estimate or budget. Costing software allows allocation of expenses to a specific project or overhead account, and learn the changes to become more profitable. FACTS makes it easy to record the raw data for job costing- there are separate transactions for equipment hours, labor hours, material purchases, subcontractor costs, other costs and inventory used on projects.

FACTS, therefore, eliminates spreadsheets. Everything the company needs to empower it’s project workforce is connected for the first time, in real time, including: time and expense tracking, project management, workforce planning, process management, analytics, cost accounting and/or billing.

  • Tracking costs and billing for complex or lengthy jobs with the Project Manager Workbench, providing project managers an easy way to analyze revenues and profits, access records and run reports.
  • Job Cost accounting software is fully integrated, reports are automatically generated and e-mailed, keeping projects on track.
  • Creating new jobs fast by using any past job as a template.
  • Allows flexible departmental personnel to share service work orders.
  • Easily project cost-to-completion at any time.
  • Job Cost accounting software defines cost codes on a job-by-job basis.
  • Simplify the billing process with job cost codes that interface with invoicing.
  • Quickly compare budgets to actual data in real time.
  • Store unlimited number of authored notes on job, cost code or billing item records.
  • Record in-house expenses in the job journal for costing and billing purposes.
  • Open an unlimited number of jobs per project.
  • Supports WIP processing, change orders, committed costs and flexible billing items.


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